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SR30GP Spray Machine

SR30GP is a continuously working mixing machine, designed for the application of any type pumpable dry ready-mixed mortar based on cement, gypsum and insulating mortar. In the European and other developed countries, this type machine has been universally using with its reliability and stability in performance. The machine consists of portable units, permitting easy and comfortable transport due to their small and handy dimensions and low weights. Thanks to its efficiency, silence and technical perfection, SR30GP is the top-priority machine for dry ready-mixed mortar applications.

Main Feature The integrated machine with mixer, self-suck water pump, mini compressor and rotor/stator pump The continuously mixing and pumping machine Small and handy dimension and low weight, quickly and easily transport even in the most confined spaces. The rotor/stator pump ensures the material is pumped and sprayed out continuously and evenly. The machine always works with efficiency and silence With air valve remote-control function The machine consists of portable units, permitting easy to operate and take maintenance and easy to use in any circumstance.

SR 30 GP Product Specifications
Output : 30 L/min
Working Pressure : 3 MPa
Total Power : 8.5 Kw
Main Electric Motor : 3Phase,380volt,5.5 kW
Rev. of Rotor : 380 rpm
Air Output : 250 L/ min
Water Pump Output : 700 L/h
Max Conveying Distance : 50 m
Hopper Capacity : 120 L
Loading Height : 1000 mm
Conveying Hose Diameter : 25 /32 mm
Air Hose Diameter : 13 mm
Overal Dimension : 1240×680×1550 mm
Weight : 280 Kg