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SUG GP 60/55 Mortar Pump

GP60/50 mortar pump is a double-cylinder single-acting piston pump, with the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low fault rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and high-pressure pump etc. It is mainly applied for tunnel, mining project, dam, foundation engineering of big bridge and high-rise building, and the different kinds of underground engineering etc.

Main Feature Double-cylinder single-acting Directional-control ball valve Hydraulic drive Integrate pump head and hopper; prevent eduction and deposition together with the paddle agitating Compact structure, convenient for maintaining

GP 60/55 Product Specifications
Output : 60 L/min
Working Pressure : 5.5 MPa / 55 bar
Cylinder : 2
Cylinder Diameter : 90 mm
Piston Stroke : 145 mm
Inlet Diameter : 75 mm
Outlet Diameter : 50 mm
Max Grain : 5 mm
Max. Aggregate Ratio (cement/sand) : 1/3
Conveying Distance : 50 - 120 m
Hopper Volume : 160 L
Transmission : Fluiddrive
Overal Dimension : 1400×650×920mm
Weight : 800 Kg
Power Unit : 7.5 Kw