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SUG GP 50/40 Mortar Pump

GP50/40 mortar pump with single cylinder and double acting is widely used for its convenient maintenance, high working pressure and high efficiency, working reliability, compact structure etc. it can be used not only for grouting cement mortar and sand mortar, combined with accessories such as compressor and spraying gun, it is also ideal equipment applied in spraying. It is widely used for grouting in mine gallery, rail and road tunnel, hydropower construction, slope consolidation, underground engineering, subway and civil engineering etc.

Main Feature Single piston single acting Switch by ball valve Mechanical transmission, lower failure rate Integrate pump head and hopper; prevent deduction and deposition together with the paddle agitating Compact structure, convenient for maintaining.

GP 50/40 Product Specifications
Piston Diameter : 90 mm
Discharge Capacity : 50 L/min
Working Pressure : 4 MPa
Piston Stroke : 85 mm
Hopper Capacity : 170 L
Speed : 95 r/min
Inlet Diameter : 75 mm
Outlet Diameter : 50 mm
Max Grain : 6 mm
Max. Aggregate Ratio (cement/sand) : 1/3
Overal Dimension : 1610*1024*900mm
Weight : 300 Kg
Power Unit : 5.5 Kw