First Shotcrete a Group of PT. Infinity Global Mandiri

SUG SWP3000 Wet Shotcrete Machine

SWP3000 is a piston type wet type shotcrete machine for the market demand. The use of advanced "S" for the valve, and it is suitable for the dense concrete conveyor. This pump fill the small concrete pump’s disadvantage,and also has the characteristics of large concrete pump. SWP3000 is a hydraulic pump with the Piston power, especially suitable for artificial sprayed concrete, concrete pumping and pressure grouting, the new soil Spraying, mortar spraying and refractories, it has simple structure, small size, reliable of the multi-purpose pump.

Main Features Dense flow transportation, artificial spray, spray guns add wind; spray uniformity, stability, low consumption of wind, small rebound Transmission distance, the level of 150 m, vertical 70 m, effectively enhance work efficiency PLC control to operate more reliable, simple Soft-start which can protect the electrical circuit Two independent hydraulic circuit Through the hand pump of the quick-setting can adjust quick-setting level of emissions Since the sealed, high hardness seal ring, sealed Suitable for steel fiber feeding.

SWP3000 Product Specifications
Output : 6m3
Maximum Horizontal Convey Distance : 150 m Horizontal / Vertical: 50 m
Pressure : 5MPa
Concrete Slump : 6-18cm
Hopper Cubage : 170 Liters
Electric Motor : 380V/50Hz, 18.5kW
Oil Pressure : 12 MPa
Oil Tank Cubage : 90 Liters
Oil Tank Diameter : 80 mm
Work Cylinder Diameter : 110 mm
Work Cylinder Stroke : 550 mm
S Shape Swing Tube : 110 mm
Pipe and Hose Size : 65 / 51 mm
Max. Grain Size (spraying / feeding) : 15mm / 1/3 pipe
Dosing Pump Output Pressure : 17.5-88L/h, 0.6 MPa
Dosing Pump Motor : 380V/50Hz, 0.75kW
Net Weight : ~1200 kg