First Shotcrete a Group of PT. Infinity Global Mandiri

SUG SW3000 Wet Shotcrete Machine

SW3000 is a universal concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet or dry mix. The machine is suitable either for manual spraying or by means of a robotic arm. SW3000 is developed for the application of shotcrete in tunnels,mines and slopes.The machine has been designed especially for fibre spraying. And the dosing unit is combined with this machine.

Main Features Basic: electric drive can be combined with tyre chassis. Extended (optional):Air motor drive or diesel drive combined with single hydraulic power pack. Skid or Rail-wheel

SW3000 Product Specifications
Output : 5m3
Maximum Horizontal Convey Distance : 35m
Maximum Aggregate Size : φ15mm
Concrete Slump : 8-15cm
Hose Inner Size : φ50/65mm
Operating Air Pressure : 0.2-0.6MPa
Air Consumption : 9-10 m3 /min
Discharge Height : 1.17m
Rotor Speed : 11 r/min
Motor Power : 7.5kW
Dosing Pump Model : BRJ15
Dosing Pump Rated Pressure : 0.6 MPa
Dosing Pump Output : 17.5 - 88 L/h
Overall Dimension : 2.05×0.95×1.18m
Net Weight : 1200 kg